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Meetio – meeting room management software

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Competitive pricing

Simple, straightforward and transparent pricing for everyone.
Get in touch with us for a complete range of touch screen devices.

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Meetio trên App Store

Meetio Room

The most cost-efficient meeting room management software on the market. Pair your software license with a display from one of our certified hardware vendors and be guaranteed functionality, support, and high levels of security. Get in touch with your IT partner or hardware reseller to know which display suits your needs.

12 month license subscription – $189 per room/year

Superior meeting room management software.
  •  12 month subscription
  •  Software updates & support
  • Meetio mobile app included

Meetio View

A unique solution where everyone gets an instant overview at an unbeatable price.

12 month license subscription – $449 per device/year
Superior office overview.
  •  12 month subscription
  • Software updates & support
Map Visualization – $0 per floor
Free of charge.
  •  Visualize your entire office
  • Display the maps on screens and in the app

Meetio Desk

Desk booking made simple.


Pick your annual software license. The app is included in the price.

12 month license subscription – $39 per desk
Desk booking made simple.
  •  Software updates & support
  •  Meetio mobile app included

Map visualization

Display the location and occupancy of your desks on your phone. If you have Meetio View with maps you can use them in your phone as well, always free of charge.

Map Visualization – $0 per floor
Free of charge.
  •  Locate areas with free desks
  • Visualize desk occupancy

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